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17th October 12

Finding the ‘one true way’ of the web

As designers and developers we seem to be constantly in search of the correct way of doing things – the one, singular, true way – the definitive, and only, method of accomplishing a task. All alternatives are unacceptable. This leads to a lot of arguments in our community. But, really, do most of these things make a difference? Do they matter?

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15th June 11

Soft personalisation

Hello my name is

Personalisation is a great way to improve a user’s visit to your site. Recently I have been really interested in the different ways of approaching this – the traditional and what I am calling ‘Soft Personalisation’ methods.

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23rd February 11

Designs on your CV

help wanted

When we recruit I see a lot of CVs from web designers. Some are amazing, but unfortunately the majority suffer from one or all of a checklist of issues. A few improvements really could make all the difference.

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